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10 most dangerous snakes in the world


Cute animal brothers our smaller snakes… They’re too beautiful, smart, good, if not touch the person. In nature, there are a huge number of poisonous snakes, which it is better not to meet on your way. They may bite, sting and even kill. Today 12millionov.com offers top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world from which to escape for a while.

Top 10 most dangerous snakes
1. Taipan or the most cruel serpent

Taipan opens the list of the most dangerous snakes in the world. This individual is too terrible for man, regardless of size and age. Snake always attacks first, it destroys brain cells, it kills more than 100 people in seconds. Her strength is enviable, and poison – it is better not to think about it. One bite allows the snake 1.3 seconds to get rid of a person or other victim, which she did not like.

If you met in Australia, such a beauty, run while you can. Photos and videos it is better to postpone for another time, now you should be saving your own life. The length of the snake can reach several meters, and the compression force of the flesh is so high, that one never knows when the crunch of bone.

2. Tiger snake

This “Viper” is much more dangerous than you thought. No, the Viper can be called only reasons that it is poisonous. Tiger snake will never expect when it will come the danger. It can protect yourself from animals and people. If on the horizon is a marked man, she will wait for him. No, it’s not for fun, just there is one snake essence. Reptile bite the leg or arm to keep the poison has penetrated faster in the blood. The human body is instantly paralyzed, and the snake gets the win in the fight.

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If you think that the hospital ambulance will come to help, wrong. Still there is no medicine that could bring out of a man the poison of a serpent. Tiger color says about snake hunting – reptile can attack and just as it sometimes seems. If in time not to leave the scene of the attack, bite, and pounce will happen again while on your way there will be several individuals at once. Then we can only pray.

3. Philippine Cobra

The Philippine Cobra opens the top three most dangerous snakes in the world. An adult can kill a man at a distance of 3 meters. Reptile can’t do without spitting, because its color is often confused with logs and earth. Not people come to it, but because the inherent nature of the snake can warn about himself, saving his life. Spit poison will tell you that the Cobra is near and it is not necessary to trample underfoot. That’s only if it gets the warning have to be useless – a dead man nothing from this lesson of life do not understand.

4. The banded krait

The banded krait is also in the top most poisonous snakes. It refers to a form aspidova. This snake is found only in China and India, and then only in the South. Tropical terrain is the perfect habitat for the adder of this magnitude. Ribbon snake loves water, and never comes out just right. Moreover, she’s not sleeping at night, and hunts to feed himself and his family. Small snakes are not poisonous, but if you do them harm, be ready to meet with adult fish, because she is always there with his offspring.

One snake can kill a few dozen people, but in India, it is not afraid. There it was called a shy snake, because her head is always hidden under the tail. Probably, it prevents light to be visible, and perhaps really shy the human eye. By it the Indians, walk, jump, run and she’s not responding, if you don’t make fun of her children. That’s such a caring mother.

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5. King Cobra

This is the largest species of the most dangerous snakes. One specimen, though not an adult, can kill a few people. Scientists have conducted experiments, but not without casualties. One portion of poison, which allocates a snake out to kill in an instant 23 people and one adult old elephant whose weight exceeds a ton. It would seem that people are much less, and the elephant is just huge compared to him. However, the snake’s venom kills an elephant faster than a single adult male, for example.

6. EFA

Snake EFA – a common phenomenon in the tropics and the jungle. But if you disturb it, it’d become the prey. She will not eat humans, but will bite so that salvation will remain for several hours. In the best case, people will recover, at worst will undermine health, and then lose her life. Painful bites and venomous sting do their thing. The length of the Carpet does not exceed one meter, but it to attack people.

7. The adder

This kind of snake can be found in almost all countries of the world – Europe, USA, Asia etc. especially Full that are ready for reproductive action, they give birth to offspring. The length of the snake up to 70 cm, but usually its “growth” does not exceed 67 see the Adult snake has a toxic and poisonous bite that does not kill the person, but leaves a cripple for life. But whether to tempt fate and test, I think, is not necessary.

8. Rattlesnake

Alkoholowe snakes have a strong and fast-acting poison. Ratchet or pit vipers – so called the most dangerous snakes. The animal will never attack first, but sensing danger, it begins to rattle tail, hence the name. You might just pass, and if the snake finds you a threat, be ready to run. Ceremony and think rattlesnake will not.

9. Black Mamba

Without a Declaration of war, the most dangerous snake in the world, attacks at any time of the day. The name speaks for itself – it lives in Africa. Perhaps that is why it is so called, or on the contrary, the color obtained for masking and similarity with “their”. Jaws and teeth are also black but has two white dots – the holes for the poison. The length of the snake reaches 3 meters.

10. Mesh brown snake

This beauty completes the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world. It is able to kill several people – snake has a toxic venom, and the view of this animal is the third largest in the toxicity of the poison. These adders can watch the victim by scaring her with his presence. But if you don’t like it, she would attack first without asking permission.

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