10 most hilarious cat + bonus

10 most hilarious cat + bonus

Smile, laugh and even laughing out loud, because it is our favorite cats!

1. Don’t be afraid. I’m not broke.

I just HO-RO-SHO! Because I’m a cat and I’m much more flexible than any rigid homo sapiens!

2. The wonders of evolution.

The top of the development on the Ground has reached not only the people, but, it seems, and cats too!

3. If the cat saw the mouse the first time…

… he could not guess that this is his main source of food. That’s what brings your cat food!

4. Problems with alcohol?

Looks like this cat it’s time to encode:

5. Carved furniture.

Or a cat instead? As you please.

6. Chop… Chop!

If you have a cat, you have probably seen this expression… when I tried to absorb chops, not sharing!

7. Observed!

And was moved!

8. Resentment.

Just a grudge…

Now you have to beg for forgiveness!

9. What do you want?

Do not distract the cat unnecessarily, when it’s busy! Especially when it’s the battery!

10. I’m beautiful!

Definitely the perfect! Gorgeous! Amazing!

Bonus: koto-cactus

You prick yourself on cactus? And cats, like, no!

The cactus is quite a cozy place to close my eyes and sleep!

And no wonder! That would be you, if you take got everywhere his hands and massagers with brushes and combs? Surely you would have been happy to scratch itself on a cactus!