12 animals that are on the verge of extinction

12 animals that are on the verge of extinction

Photographer Tim Fletch is known for his emotional photographs of animals. His photographs wonderfully capture the mood and feelings of various members of the fauna and cause people to rethink their attitude to the wild.

New book Flecha called “endangered” designed to make readers aware of the impact they have on these animals, and ponder, which would mean their disappearance. Along with by animal photographer captures their natural environment — the delightful natural scenery.

He spent a few days in the snow and cold, to pull off the rare antelope. He swam with sharks and hippos and also visited zoos to understand that waiting for the wild if it will progressively go into the human hand.

Ecosystems in which they live many of the characters in the new book Flecha has already been destroyed, so people made room for cities and farms. Mankind does not realize that by eliminating such habitat, it eliminates the only place where you can live the most unique beings on Earth.

Here are the most memorable pictures from the book “endangered”.

Pangolins are the most frequent victims of the illegal wildlife trade

The hippos are threatened due to hunting for their meat and teeth

Yellow-eyed forest frogs suffer from climate change, it is the danger of fungus that is spreading in the woods

Angonoka — the rarest turtles in the world

In the 20th century it was believed that APE’s Yunnan province have died before one was seen in 1962. Now their populations are very small and isolated

Fireflies help us to explore how bioluminescence works. They are threatened by pollution and deforestation

Rare Philippine eagles are victims of poaching

Scavengers inhibit the spread of infections. Now they are actively destroying poachers

Snow leopards are one of the most elusive cats in the world. Their habitat disappears as soon as the warmer slopes of the Himalayas overgrown forests

Saiga — a view which has remained with us since the ice age. But due to poaching they are now in a critical situation

Once in the Black sea and the Caspian sea can be found a 5-foot Beluga whales. Today, these giants disappeared at all, but small individuals are threatened because of hunting for their valuable caviar

Sudan is the planet’s last male Northern white Rhino