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12 of the most popular cats on Instagram


We are fortunate to live in the era of information technology, when all that is happening in the world immediately appears on the Internet, namely social networking. Why not just lay people: self, belfi, food, and, of course, their furry Pets. It is no secret that cats are very popular among the people, and the most popular, earn even more than the owners themselves. Today in the list of the 12 most popular cats on Instagram.

1. Nala (Nala) — 3.3 million followers

The most popular cat Instagram, a mixture of Siamese and striped rocks. The hostess took Nala from the shelter. The main feature of cat — eyes: they are blue, large and a little squint that gives it a special charm.

Their “glory” with her beautiful eyes uses to benefit — all the proceeds from the sale of merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, pouches, shawls, bags and other things) with a picture of a cat go to a charitable organization for homeless animals.

2. Angry cat (Grumpy cat) — 2.1 million followers

Grumpy cat, though not the first popular , but certainly one of the most popular cats in the world. In 2012, only very far from the Internet people haven’t heard of it. Yes, in fact, Grumpy cat is Grumpy cat, and her name is tarda.

Due to its unique appearance tarde provided their owners a comfortable life for many years to come: a contract with Friskies, a private biography, film, a website, an online store — she’s all that.

3. Lil bub (Lil Bub) — 1.5 million subscribers

One of the most popular cats on Instagram Lil, was born with multiple genetic abnormalities: she has no teeth, because of this, always protruding tongue, fingers on the legs more than necessary, and the skeleton is designed so that it will forever remain a small size.

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However, none of the above has not prevented it to gain incredible love of users around the world.

4. Mr. Fluff (Mr.White) — 1.4 million followers

Among the most popular cat is Mr. Fluffy or whatever his name is home — Coffee.

5. Venus (Venus) 1.2 million subscribers

No, it’s not a collage of photos of the two cats is Venus, she’s a Chimera. Her body connected to several genes that explains her two-faced color and makes one of the most popular cats on Instagram.

6. Coby (Coby) — 928 thousand subscribers

Kobe, white British Shorthair, whose eyes are the most beautiful in the universe. Her incredible looks are the envy of not only cats.

7. Smoothie (Smoothie) — 812 thousand subscribers

Cat breed British longhair named Smoothie tacitly recognized by the network users not only the most popular but also the most photogenic cat in the world.

8. Hamilton (Hamilton) — 677 thousand subscribers

Hamilton — a cat that has two pairs of whiskers, one cat, and the second exclusively fashionable. For your second pair of mustache (or rather, a stain on the wool of a mustache) Hamilton got the nickname cat-hipster.

9. Albert (Albert) — 480 thousand subscribers

Albert the Munchkin breed is also included in the list of the most popular cats on Instagram.

Cat breed Munchkin (Engl. Munchkin cat) are distinguished by their very short legs that was developed as a result of natural mutation.

10. Rouks (Roux) — 468 thousand subscribers

This is the most popular cat Rouks was born without front legs due to a genetic mutation. Her owner, Jackie, nurse, vet. the clinic cat myself after she refused, the former owners.

According to Jackie, Rouks has already learned to balance on two legs, like a kangaroo, and has no problems.

11. Waffle (Waffles) — 467 thousand subscribers

Its success Waffle, Scottish fold cat, shall the owners, they dress it in funny outfits and post hilarious memes on the page of your pet.

12. Hocico (Hosico) — 453 thousand subscribers

This fluffy green-eyed miracle’s Hocico, and he lives in Moscow. Cat breed Scottish straight users of the Internet compared to the cat from Shrek. No, well, you just look into those deep eyes, we would not have been able to refuse.


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