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12 rare albino animals


Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by complete or partial absence of pigment in skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect tyrosinase (an enzyme that contains copper), involved in melanin production. We’ve all met people with albinism, but few know that albinism is also found in animals, although animals with albinism is very rare. Scientists have found that, for example, in mammals, albinism occurs once out of 10,000 births. This disorder significantly reduces their survival, and this is another reason why albino animals are so few. Because of their strikingly white skin, albino animals can be easily spotted by predators. Also, the lack of pigment makes them much more susceptible to skin cancer and some other diseases. On the other hand, such a rarity makes some animals albinos are very popular and expensive Pets.

We suggest You to look at these 12 rare albino animals.

1. Wallabies

The habitat of Australia and New Guinea, a Wallaby is a small or a herbivorous animal of medium size relative to the kangaroo. Fur wallabies usually varies from gray to red and brown.

2. Penguin

The natives of the South African water, African penguins are easily recognized by their black masks. But this rare albino penguin, does not fit into the mainstream.

3. DOE

Fallow deer are small, about 150 cm long deer can live in most parts of Europe. The color of this animal varies greatly, but most of the deer have brown coat with white spots.

4. Protein

Protein coloration varies greatly depending on the species (sometimes even within). However, the albino squirrel is extremely rare no matter what she types.

5. Buffalo

In native American religions the white Buffalo is considered sacred. Although they are extremely rare. The national Bison Association has estimated that they appear approximately one out of every 10 million births.
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6. Peacock

From peacocks it’s hard to tell it is an albino or a genetic mutation called leucism (lack of pigment in hair). And albino peacocks and leucism completely white, but albinos have red or pink eyes, while leucistic blue.

7. Gorilla

In 1966, the albino gorilla was captured in Equatorial Guinea. The instance is then transported to the Barcelona zoo where he was given the name snowflake. In 2004, he died from skin cancer, which was associated with his albinism.

8. Koala

The coat of the Koala varies from silver grey to chocolate brown, but also saw a few koalas albino. In 1997, an albino Koala called Onya-berry was born at the Zoo in San Diego.

9. Pug

Yes, even dogs can be albinos. Typically, pugs are known for their typical black muzzle, which is obviously not relevant for this adorable pug the albino.

10. Hedgehog

Once domesticated hedgehogs became popular in the early 1980s, was created a few new colors of these spiny mammals including albino.

11. Ferret

From ferrets the process of domestication may have begun 2,500 years ago. Today ferrets are fully domesticated. Albino ferrets are very popular Pets.

12. Bat

Bats are usually grey and black, but in 2012, was seen a white bat with red eyes in Masbate, an island province of the Philippines.


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