20 forbidden photos of North Korea

20 forbidden photos of North Korea

Photographer Eric Lafford — one of the lucky few who have had the opportunity to see what really is a North Korea.
Since 2008 I six times visited North Korea. Thanks to digital memory cards, I could save photos that I was forbidden to remove, or those that told me utilitiesother it.

Laffor was not interested in carefully organized and planned the tour in this mysterious country, which would show him just that, and so everyone can see. He wanted to go further and capture an inside look at the state and the people, not under the full control of the regime.

I have been treated like any other tourist. I was not allowed to photograph the police, army, etc. But having a good zoom in the camera and sitting in the back seat of the bus, I was so much otsmatrivali Eric.

He made thousands of photographs of citizens and government officials engaged in their everyday duties.

After Laffor returned from a sixth trip to North Korea in 2012, the government discovered that he shares pictures secretly made in the network. They demanded to delete the photos.

I refused, because it showed all aspects of life in North Korea, both good and bad. Just as I’m doing this about any country that you visit. I refused to make an exception for North Korea, and they did not like it

Soon, the regime banned Lafforgue again to cross the border of the state.

During family dinners in the countryside, I could talk with the locals for hours. They told me a lot about how to live, what dream, etc. it is Important to know that the North Koreans are good people, they are very concerned about the guests and very generous, although most of them has nothing
A woman stands in the middle of the crowd of soldiers. This photo could not be done, because officials are not allowed to shoot the army

When you come to visit the family, the guides love it if you take a photo, showing to the world that the children here have computers. But when they see that there is no electricity, please delete those pictures

Soldiers often help on local farms

Images of this type appear frequently in the West. In the captions it is often said that the North Koreans eat grass in the parks. Guides get furious if you take it

A rare example of an undisciplined kid in North Korea. The bus was driving on a small road in Simiane, and this kid was standing right in the middle of the road

Clothes are very important in North Korea. In town you’ll never meet anyone dressed poorly, poorly. That day the students danced in the Park. When I asked to photograph them, the girl asked the man to straighten his shirt

Now cars have started appearing in Pyongyang, but the peasants have not had time to get used to them. Children play in the middle of the main streets, as before, when the cars here was not to meet

The Pyongyang metro is the deepest in the world, as it is also the shelter part-time. Someone saw me making these photos, and said I deleted them because they depict the tunnel

Perhaps the most ridiculous ban I’ve encountered. Official artist worked on a new mural in Chilbo. I took a picture and everyone started to scream at me. It was impossible to photograph because the drawing was still not complete

Photograph malnutrition is prohibited

When you try to leave Kaesong (hotel complex, consisting of old houses), guides wonder, why do you need somewhere to go. They say that on the outside everything is the same as here. But it’s not true

Forbidden to take pictures of tourists soldiers

On a small lake on the way to Wonsan. A fisherman uses a tyre as a boat

To summer camp Wonsan often bring tourists to show how children have fun with the whole country. But some children come from villages and are afraid to use the escalators, because never before did not see them

When you visit a Dolphinarium in Pyongyang, you can photograph animals, but not the soldiers who make up 99% of the crowd

The queue is a national sport for North Koreans

The officer sitting on the bench in a Christian Church. It is impossible to show officials in poor light

The visit to the farmhouse. Home and family, which allowed visitors, selected by the government. But sometimes, such as a bathroom, used as a tank, suggests that the country’s hard times

The soldiers sleeping in the field

North Korean officials hate it when visitors do this sort of photography. Even when I explained that poverty exists around the world and in my own country too, they still forbade me from taking pictures of the poor