Appliances are at the mercy of nature

Appliances are at the mercy of nature

So it happened that many people have abandoned the place or design are of particular interest. On our planet, quite a lot of unexpected “finds” of this kind. And each of them has its own history. In this list of 11 of the ruins, which we would like to tell you in more detail.
Tank on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico

In the 70-ies was proposed to release the island and give it to the United States Navy for exercises. In 1974, the U.S. Navy left the island, but far all the equipment was removed. So “iron ruins” on the beach Flamenco do not give to forget about the past of the island.

Yacht at Ardley island, Antarctica

The boat was used for filming a documentary about nature, but during the storm it suffered a misfortune and she sank. Silhouette yachts can be seen still, so clear water surround it.

Cemetery of trains in North Carolina

More than 70 abandoned vehicles (including trains and buses) was able to detect the photographer johnny Joo in the forests of North Carolina.

Steamer “Maheno” on Fraser island, Australia

This steamer plied between Australia and New Zealand in the beginning of the last century. During one of the flights he was caught in a cyclone, the debris can be seen on the beach of Fraser island, where they were thrown after the disaster.

Tanks “Sherman” in the lagoon of Saipan, Mariana Islands

In 1944, in the battle for Saipan was sunk a few tanks “Sherman”. One shown in the photo. The bottom of the ocean keeps tons of debris, among which Japanese ships and aircraft of the United States.

The schooner Sweepstakes in lake Huron, Canada

This vessel, which sank in 1885, is one of the most visited places in the national marine Park Fathom five in Ontario. Every year it attracts huge number of tourists to see the preserved body of the schooner.

Sunken ship “Panagiotis” the island of Zakynthos, Greece

Since 1983, the ship rust off the coast of Zakynthos and attracts the attention of curious tourists. Previously the vessel was engaged in smuggling.

Downed B-52 bomber in Hanoi, Vietnam

American bomber shot down in 1972 during the Vietnam war, now lies at the bottom of lake Hutia in Hanoi.

The plane “drug dealers” on the West coast of Mexico

Reliable information about where there appeared this aircraft, no. But according to rumors, he belonged to drug dealers who made a forced landing in this part of the coast. According to another version, the plane was shot down by the Mexican army.

Train in the woods of Whistler, Canada

In 1957, in the southern part in Whistler wrecked train. The cost of removal of debris resulted in a decent amount. Therefore, so far 7 cars remain in the forests of Whistler. To get here is not easy, but interested tourists is not stopping.

The ship graveyard of the Aral sea, Uzbekistan

Since 1960-ies of the Aral sea began to dry out and began the desertification of the area where previously there was a port, now a lifeless desert, which scattered the ships.