Beautiful photos of nature – photos of different beautiful places of our planet.

Beautiful photos of nature

Somewhere in Norway.

Lake O’hara is considered to be the jewel of the Rockies.

View in the mountains.


Beautiful exotic fish.




Beautiful sunset.




African sunset.


Thickets of bamboo.




Whale tail, photo taken off the coast of Alaska.


Butterfly with black wings.

Photo of winter: sunset at the river in the winter.

Photo of winter: the Sun in the winter forest.

Autumn nature forest lake.

Autumn nature forest.

Photo: a tornado near the road.

A giant tornado.


A cruise liner is on a fjord, view from above.

Artistic photo of a rainbow.

Northern lights over the mountains of Alaska.

Photos of mushrooms.

Photo: mushroom bows.

Photo web.

Photo web. Morning. Dawn. Dew drops on the web.

Photo of zebras at sunset.

Photo of a Cheetah.

Photo of a lion.