Cat with raised paws named Keys. Photo.

Cat with raised paws named Keys. Photo.

One of the most unusual and unexpected the Internet memes of recent times is a cat named Case with a raised paw.

It all started with the fact that the owner of KIS, Peter Myers, decided to post in Instagram a photo of your pet. According to him, when the pet is first raised up feet, he decided that it was a strange whim that will never happen again. But over time, it became clear that cat is not going to stop. Then quick the owner decided to take pictures of Keys and upload photos to the Internet.

Cat with the lifted paw wants to the Board.

Wanting to do more shots, Peter even began to encourage the cat coconut oil every time she raised up. The result of this was that now Keys raises paws up whenever you see a camera.

The mirror has to raise the legs even more fun.

Seen in the photos so impressed the network users that it caused a kind of insanity. The result thereof was a lot of Internet memes in which the cat with raised legs placed in the most unimaginable situations.

One of the first photos of cats with raised paws.
Cat with the lifted paw worships the dawn rays.
Cat with raised paws took the place of Simba from the cartoon.
Cat pose with raised legs pose is remarkably similar to the sports of triumph.
Even on a roller coaster cat with raised paws overcame many appropriate children.
Cat with the lifted paw willingly posing every time he sees the camera.
Cat balance allows a cat with raised legs pose even on the arm of the chair.
Interestingly, raising his paw, the cat is almost always at the same time he opens his mouth, but not this time.
Lifting legs and lowering, lifting and lowering the charging cat in nature?