Cats and autumn: do “sad time” of the cat family?

Cats and autumn: do “sad time” of the cat family?

“Oh, summer, autumn breathed…” and all the cats! Mouser even in this dreary time to find their entertainment.

Just look how much fun they have increased: frolic in fallen leaves, play with the “Sunny Bunny”, and then filtering through remaining on the trees leaves. Well, to bask in the last, warm rays gradually cooling autumn sun – it is a sacred thing!

Cats and autumn.

To reveal all the secrets of cat behavior after the “sunset” of the summer season, we decided to gather a unique “photo gallery” which will showcase you all the feline fun in autumn. After seeing these wonderful shots you will be able to understand: like if the cats this time of year?

A stern look terrible hunter. From whom he fled for yellow leaves?
Look down under the canopy of the autumn maple.
Rest on the autumn carpet.
Autumn is a great time to hunt from ambush!
Hunting is in full swing and fallen leaves — perfect camouflage for a lurking cat.
The extraordinary charm of autumn and a little kitten.
A frown, apparently means that someone brazenly prevented the privacy of Ginger on an autumn meadow.
Walk through the autumn forest in the company of best friend.
Red cat in “red” background.
During a solitary walk in the fallen leaves paved with asphalt Barsik someone dramatically called…
Focused look…
“Miss Autumn hat.”
Photoshoot on the background of bright autumn.
Autumn play.
Seeing summer…
Apparently, not all the onset of autumn pleasure…

Photo taken from the Internet.