Cats in slow motion: the best images from the project “Shake Cats” by Carly Davidson

Cats in slow motion: the best images from the project “Shake Cats” by Carly Davidson

Carly Davidson (Carli Davidson) is a photographer specializing in portraits of animals. Moreover, some of these pictures are not quite normal.

A striking example of this is the recent draft of the masters of photography called “Shake Cats”. Using high frequency photography of a camera, Carly has created amazing portraits that opens Pets, in this case – cats with unknown parties.

As admitted herself Carly, she just loves animals in all their glory, she “catches” on a photo of a piece of their soul. Project SHAKE that Carly Davidson started just out of curiosity, ended in the creation of an entire book, filled with positive and sincere emotions. In addition to photographs, in his book Carly gives many tips for the beginner photographers.

We offer you to look at the work from the project “Shake Cats” (“cats Shake”).

Cat jazz in slow motion.
Hairless Sphynx named Binks shakes her head and splashes in all directions, its drool.
Persian cat Lorax grimace.
A Bombay cat named Yushi scatters feather his fur in different directions.
And again, splashing and shaking.
Persian cat named Quince shakes his head.
Lil bub stuck out his tongue after he cleaned my ears.
Katie shakes off the water after she stroked a wet hand.
Cat ring silver color shakes his head.
Quincy tries to shake the moisture from the wool after it someone stroked a wet hand.
The kitten tries to scratch his ear back foot.

Photo taken from the Internet.