Funny pictures with animals. Cats, dogs and more! TOP 12

Most funny pics of animals, TOP 12

The birth of a new friendship, dog parties and a fun mutual aid, and revenue in the animal world! Smile!

1. For 13 years, Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan became best friends. Three friends living in the animal shelter Noah’s ark in Georgia (USA), they were saved more cubs from a drug dealer who kept them as Pets. In the wild, the three species hail from different continents, would never have met.

2. This quick-witted couple of dogs helping each other to beg you a tip:

3. Almost shaking hands for three… except that the dog is hands — noses!

4. It’s a party of puppies, which wants to get an invitation, I swear!

5. These geese help the hedgehog cross the road:

6. Cheetahs are really nervous animals, and some zoos give them dogs for moral support and friendship:

7. Great party dogs (even the one cat invited!):

8. These puppies are preparing a Grand escape!

9. New kitty was the best friend of this great dog and protects him from all troubles and misfortunes:

10. Ready group, which can gather large audience of fans:

11. This dog is friends with a charming gentle cows:

12. And this is the birth of a new great friendship. But it began with great caution:

Both parties agreed to keep neutrality:

And then to help each other. After all, we all live in one world, and who is next, if not this strange creature?

Have a nice day!