How much children love cats: funny photo

How much children love cats: funny photo

Puppy love knows no bounds, especially when it comes to animals. As soon as the eye of a young child comes across some sweet pussy, fate “favorite Barbie” he did not pass.

Smothered with caresses children’s little hands, Pets trying to find a secluded place to be alone with me, sometimes they even make it. However, in most cases, “child care our smaller brethren” still wins.

And if you want, we will prove to you how funny the friendship of children and Pets? View photos, specially selected by us, and doubt you will have!

“Will be, Oh will be!”. Game mothers and daughters.
Joint creativity. “A little bit more and be just exactly like you!”
“Well Hello, friend! What, now we hide together?”
Love without limit…
“Come here, my sweet sugar!”
To support the company — is sacred, even if one does not want.
“Oh, Gods! They went to the cottage, I’m free!!!”
“Barsik, well, let’s play, huh? I, mind — woodcutter will.”
“Surulere” cat.
“Blessed Sunday morning… until the return of the small hostess from my grandmother stay a few hours…”
And now I’m in the role of rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”… Oh, well, that Alice was not dressed.
“I hope that won’t notice!”
A sweet couple.
And yet this is love.

Photo taken from the Internet.