How to clean the house in which he lives smelly cat

How to clean the house in which he lives smelly cat

The procedure and poop in the house is fine. And if it live not only people, but also the cat, the comfort will be even greater. Comfort, but not order, because our Pets sometimes can make the house a rehearsal of the third world war, using suffocating fragrances.

To keep the house in good condition, you should know some household tricks and use them.

Cat owners love their tailed and therefore are prepared to forgive them a mischief.
How to deal with cat odors

Many people believe that a cat can not make it is because they believe derivable cat smell. However, people keep cats and have learned to deal with the cat’s fragrances, which, admittedly, is very effective. Here are some of them.

To a greater extent inclined to the labels intact cats and unsterilized cats.
The vinegar will eliminate cat odors

Need to make a mixture of warm water and vinegar in proportion 1:1. It is possible to rid the smell of cat urine and the carpets and rugs. This solution should be watered spot until, until the liquid will not penetrate the carpet to the pad. Then you have to wait half an hour and thoroughly clean the treated area with cold water. This should be done until then, until all the vinegar is removed. After this spot serves a rag or paper towels and pressed on top with something heavy for a few hours.

The smell of cat marks is significantly stronger than the usual smell of cat urine.

This method securely established itself as a means of combating odors. In addition, cats hate the smell of vinegar, and probably for a long time to get around this place party.

Coffee against the cat smell

Coffee aroma is not only pleasant, but quite effective against the smell of animals. By the way, he quickly acts. To get rid of the smell you need to take a glass of just-ground coffee, pour it on the frying pan and then heat over a low flame. When the smell of coffee will reach its maximum, a pan is removed from the plate and is placed on a stand in the “smelly” room. By the time when coffee has cooled, all the unpleasant smells leave the room.

If you have a home lives intact cat or unsterilized cat, get ready for that “concert” will be held often.
Baking soda the smell of cat meat

If the carpet has already managed to soak the cat’s smell, you can use plain baking soda. For this “interesting place” should dry thoroughly and then RUB into it a quarter of a Cup (or even one-eighth) of baking soda. Then you need to wait a bit (about 15 minutes), then carefully vacuum the carpet.