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Manul — the most expressive cat in the world


The Pallas cat is a wild cat that inhabits parts of Central Asia. These cats have very expressive, unhappy and ferocious (and sad at the same time-bewildered) expression, and they are very difficult to tame. In General, the Pallas ‘ cat similar to a normal domestic cat, but fluffy this animal combined with the grim expression of his face looks very funny. The body length of these expressive cats — 52-65 cm, tail 23-31 cm; body height at withers of 25 cm, the Average weight of five kilograms. Legs short and thick. Because of their lush fur of the Pallas cat in winter time creates the impression of a massive animal. Unfortunately, they die quickly in captivity, and if you still bought a little kitten manul, most likely he will die from some unusual disease. Therefore it is better to witness this beautiful, expressive animal photos below.


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