Mercy as part of the treatment

Mercy as part of the treatment

About the history of this cat learned last winter. The animal was discovered under the walls of the veterinary clinic in a cardboard box. Fluffy was in a critical condition and couldn’t even climb up on my feet. He smelled rotten smell, it was completely soiled.

Veterinarians sheltered the victim on the night and gave him the necessary assistance. Although initially it was not clear what happened with the cat. When all the tests were conducted, it became clear that the animal has kidney disease and the liver. The people of such state is called “more dead than alive.”
But the doctors did not give up and began the treatment. It was not cheap, so the material costs were taken on by volunteers. Gradually, the health of the cat improved, and soon he was sent to a group home.

Your new pet volunteers called Muscovite. It’s a wonderful ginger cat, who continues to fight for his life. His condition is stable, but the disease became chronic.