People with albinism and their unique icy beauty

People with albinism and their unique icy beauty

Albinism — congenital absence of melanin pigment, which gives color to skin, hair, and rainbow and pigment shells eyes. Such people are unique. Their beauty captivates the views.

However, many do not understand this, with the result that, as children, albinos are subjected to ridicule from classmates and often have to be somewhat isolated from society.

When the photographer Julia Taits posted your fabulous photo shoot with people, albinos, Internet users could not repress his admiration, taking in the unusual appearance of the models, their icy beauty.

This inspired us to make a selection of other photographs of people with albinism. We offer you to enjoy these pictures.

Ava Clark

Strong contrast

Anastasia Zhidkova


Sheer curiosity


Girl with sweet name Sugar

Diandra Forrest


Boy albino

Ice beauty