Pictures of Egypt and its inhabitants in 1800-ies

Pictures of Egypt and its inhabitants in 1800-ies

Two Greek photographers the brothers Zangeki actively removing ancient Egyptian ruins, and lively Cairo and Port said, at the moment there is still very little information. And the photos of the Victorian era, meanwhile, constitute valuable historical material.

Pictures were taken during the years 1870-1890 and at that time enjoyed great popularity among covered egyptomania Europeans. They depict not only the ancient sights of Egypt, but also the inhabitants of the time.

Bisharin was the name of a nomadic tribe of the Beja people, who lived in southern Egypt and the Sudan, and in the photo — one of his soldiers

Egyptian on the head of the Great Sphinx at Giza

Arab woman in traditional dress

Egyptian guides help European tourists to climb to the top of the pyramid at Giza


Boy leading a donkey

Another soldier from the tribe bisharin

The entrance to the Great pyramid at Giza

The mummy of Pharaoh SETI I, who ruled in Egypt in the 1290-1279 BC

The mummy of Ramses II, the Egyptian Pharaoh in 1279 1213 BC

A spokeswoman for the tribe bisharin

Professor of Arabic language from Cairo

The man bisharin

A dancer from Turkey

The local market and its traders

Barber washes the head of a customer after a haircut

One of the obelisks of Heliopolis

Tourist-a European riding on a camel and surrounded by his guides

Students at Cairo al-Azhar mosque

The Suez canal

The river in Alexandria

Group basharinov

Palm grove near the pyramids


Barge deepens the bottom of the river behind the caravan

The pyramids of Giza

The pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara

Neal, flooded