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Rare and endangered animals caught in the camera lens


Planet Earth is inhabited by millions of species of animals. Many of them are very common. But there are those that are at risk of or haven’t seen them in years.

From time to time stunned researchers or photographers are faced with animals that was believed to have disappeared or died out. Endangered species often seem much more beautiful, given their risky and critical situation.

See below for what they are, rare and endangered animals caught in the camera lens. In the existence of some of them you just won’t believe!

Pink Dolphin

Recently in Louisiana was spotted a rare pink Dolphin, which has caused great excitement. Experts believe that this Dolphin is an albino, whose blood vessels close to the skin.

Or Peak

Or peak — an extremely rare mammal, which was discovered only in 1983. Since then again no one has seen until 2014. In fact, because of their rare appearance and it was called “magic rabbit”.

Harbour porpoise white

Harbour porpoise white was seen only 15 times for 100 years. She was spotted again in June 2015 in Denmark.

Giant squid

Scientists believed that giant squid existed in large populations, but hardly anyone ever sees them. But in recent years, Russian and Japanese scientists captured the giant creatures in motion. The shots are simply stunning!

Speckled marsupial marten

Some types of Australian speckled marsupial Martens are endangered, so when she was caught on camera running through someone’s yard by coincidence, it was just incredible.

Snow leopard

Snow leopards, which live in Central and South Asia, is under threat of extinction, because the number of these beautiful animals in the wild has declined sharply since 2003.


Also known as tiger cat, oncilla, a native of the tropical forests of Central and South America. Due to tropical deforestation and mass extinction by poachers, this beautiful cat is almost impossible to meet.

Cicurina venii

This blind spider the size of a coin, last seen in 1980.

White lion

White lions — a rare genetic mutation of a normal African yellowish-brown lions, and they live only in a certain region of South Africa. In nature there are only a small number.

Elephant shrew

The Boni giant sengi or elephant shrew is densely populated for in the wild, but given her speed and alert the character to meet this wonderful animal is almost impossible.

Draco Volans — the flying dragon

This flying dragon is densely populated throughout Asia but only recently has been spotted in Indonesia.


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