Sandstorms, which are similar to the end of the world

Sandstorms, which are similar to the end of the world

The terms “dust storm” or “sand storm” is used to denote atmospheric phenomena, during which a strong wind raises a huge quantity of particles of soil and sand.

Usually, these kinds of storms appear in areas with clay and loamy soils, as well as in the deserts, and accompanied by strong reduction of visibility.

Sandstorms lift into the air an incredible amount of dust and is able to carry it on huge distances

At times, this atmospheric phenomenon has such power that can move whole sand dunes, and the dense wall of dust can reach heights in a few kilometers

Dust storms on the planet — the event is not rare and especially powerful of them happen, usually several times in a decade. Recently there were several

23 Sep 2009 a powerful dust storm has covered the Australian city of Sydney, causing serious disruptions to traffic and forcing hundreds of thousands of residents to stay in their homes, not to get breathing problems

5 Jul 2011 a strong storm at this time was played in the us city of Phoenix in Arizona. The elements of action led to a halt of flights, the cliffs of power lines, fire and other troubles