Simon. Sevastopol handsome Eastern blood

Simon. Sevastopol handsome Eastern blood

In the city of Sevastopol, home to an amazing cat Simon. He is very spoiled, but very loving his mistress.

Why are you taking pictures? Well I’m still not awake!

The most favorite pastime of Simon lay down on the couch next to her.

Well, now you can pose.
As well… Three sausages, half a Cup of sour cream… And scratch his back now…
And tomorrow more sausages left…. The current need before the host stand…. And then he eats them forward.

Simon just thrilled with pleasure when being photographed. He knows what he’s handsome and happily posing for the camera.

All. The shooting day is over.
Well, one more….
Overslept… Oh, sausages…..

If Simon does not fall to his favorite treat, he may pretend to be sick. Actor of Simon is amazing!

Photo in dance… Or jump… whatever, I’m good any angle!

And Simon noble traceur! If he plays, jumping higher and farther all the cats and dogs!

Beauty requires sacrifice

More than anything he doesn’t like to bathe. But this procedure suffers for his beloved mistress.

After Banki

After bathing Simon runs off on his favorite couch.

A rising star in adolescence

To the owners Simon got clumsy kitten.

The first lessons of the model
Myself a bastard, I’m good!!!

Gradually he turns into a real Eastern beauty.

And Simon is a friend and housemate. Somehow, shepherd passion as like to sleep on a bed.

The neighbor’s dog. Not the same without the “highlights”
Maybe this dream is more useful?

Goodbye, Simon will tell everyone Ciao!

Ciao, my fans!

This is such a wonderful cat lives in the remote Sevastopol. He is far from politics, brings huge profits to their owners, but love. Because loyalty from the ears to the tip of his fluffy tail.