The finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards

The finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards is one of those contests, the results of which I look forward to, work with of which open-mouthed, even considering very far from the picture people.

Because this imagery, haunting memory that affects the deepest strings of the soul. Besides, this is one of the biggest contests on the planet: every year tens and hundreds of thousands of professionals from all over the world compete for the Grand prize, $25,000, and the honorary title of the photographer of the year by the Sony World Photography. So it is this year.

Even more excitement to the competition this year makes that Grand Prix expect from two photographers from Ukraine — Mariya Petrenko and Alexander Maslov. Let’s take a look at their pictures, as well as works by other contestants who are fortunate enough to be finalists of this contest. The winner will be announced April 19.

Sasha Maslov. From the project “Veterans”

Stefano Morelli. From a project about the Armenian town of Metsamor, where one of the world’s most dangerous nuclear power plants

Hanlin Wang. The author of a series called Finding Lubo traveled to China with his father-servicemen

Eduardo Castaldo. From the Check Point 300 on the checkpoint on the border of Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Asha Miles. The series of women who have experienced the procedure of circumcision

Adam Pretty. The water Polo match between Russia and Kazakhstan

Christopher Octane. From a series about the war in the East of Ukraine

Andrew Quilty. The series about the village of AUB Ball in Afghanistan

Of Roselyn Ramistella. From a project about young Sicilians, which because of the crisis and unemployment began to engage in agriculture

Kevin Freyer. From the refugee Rohingya people