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The most dangerous dog breeds


Taking into account the behavioural characteristics, the frequency of attacks on hosts and strangers, we gathered in this category are the most dangerous breed of dog. is 10 Pets, which it is better not to have a home.

Bull Terrier

Dog well known for their aggressive and unpredictable nature. No amount of training can tame its freedom-loving nature. To keep family members of one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs we do not recommend, because the attacks on their owners – a fairly common phenomenon.

The Dogo

A large dog – an indispensable tool for the protection of cattle in the pasture. The contents of a representative of this breed requires certain conditions, the violation of which may be detrimental to your health. Dogs sterilized at an early age, and constantly and carefully trained throughout his life.

American bulldog

Friendly disposition, combined with an innate stubbornness, make the representative of this breed is unpredictable. That’s just the dog wagged his tail, when suddenly attacked, you do not want to give her a toy.

Bur, Much Needed

The breed of dog was bred in Africa. Has excellent qualities of the guard – no villain will not be able to attack your house. The owners will feel safe, but any outsider automatically equates to a robber. A dangerous dog it is better to protect from strangers.


We are talking about the hybrid of a wild beast — a wolf with a pet dog. To expect from crossed species can be anything. The purpose of the PSA is involved in covert military operations.


Despite his mental capacity, the ability to stalking, to make the dog a family member is not worth it. Because of the unpredictable temperament of the dog, excessive aggression, which is often sent to the address of the owner, representative of the breed is considered one of the most dangerous.

Tosa inu

Massive attack dog fear so much that the government of some countries introduced a ban on keeping dogs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The main purpose of South African dogs to guard the loot master from the lions. Smart and dedicated creation manifests an inappropriate response to strangers. Training dangerous dog, remember that a change of tone, raising your voice can deprive you of hands.

Pit bull

The most dangerous predators will be difficult to cope with the representative of the breed, because the dog was developed to hunt bears and bulls. Pitbull think Boytsov dog, evil and insidious.

Gul Dong

Another name of the breed – a Pakistani bulldog. The dog possesses extraordinary strength and power, because it originally used for dog fighting. The Pakistani bulldog is hard to teach any commands because of his aggressiveness.


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