The old cat in the world – birthday! Photo.

The old cat in the world – birthday! Photo.

The oldest cat in the world celebrated its 31st birthday. His name is Nutmeg, which translates into Russian as “Muscat”. He is the main contender for the title of oldest cat in the world.

If you try to find a parallel between the cat age and human, Muscat can be likened to a 140-year-old elder.

The old cat in the world – birthday!

The physical form of Nutmeg, of course is not the same, that in his youth, when he entertained his much younger owners fun games. Now it is more interested in peace and relaxation, especially as last year he suffered a stroke.

Birthday of Muscat celebrated by the whole family.

Their masters Muscat chose yourself another 26 years ago, being already quite Mature five-year-old cat (by human standards, this age is around 40 years).

On the occasion of a newborn made the cake: the recipe remained a secret.

Now the Muscat-ATmega has all chances to become one of the characters of the Guinness Book of records, on entering there, as the oldest cat on the planet. All you need to do is to prepare all the necessary documents that would confirm the declining years of Muscat. Of course all associated with this care will fall on its owners, who are already moving in this direction.

In his later years, Muscat prefers a relaxing holiday hustle and bustle.

Birthday cat said the family, who adores his pet-the longevity. The feast looked and journalists.

Hardly Muscat expected to live this long.
Cat owners carefully monitor the health of your pet.
Their masters Muscat found himself and not wrong in your choice.
Last year the oldest cat in the world suffered a stroke.