These 15 funny cats will definitely cheer you up!

These 15 funny cats will definitely cheer you up!

Our new collection of most funny pics of cats from around the world. Cats will cheer you up anytime, anywhere!

1. This cat is also watching his weight.

Just like you!

2. But sometimes the desire overpowers the delicious…

… and all diets were immediately forgotten!

3. Thank you for a hassle-free thing…

… to my chin!

4. Try not to yawn.

Yes, yawning is very contagious!

5. After a delicious lunch…

You’re supposed to wash!

6. And laugh at those who do not know how to wash himself!

With only his tongue!

7. Remembering the old days…

… the good old days when everything was better than now!

8. They are an extension of myself!

I’m talking about your feet:

9. Glumly. Dark.

It’s just autumn.

10. Hello tiger!

Which is located on your tree:

11. I’m sorry!

Sometimes they understand that mischief and it’s time to hide… and can look like this, if you find them:

12. Tails — it’s their Forte!

And it’s not always mouse tails:

13. This cat is clearly something you want.

Try to guess the eyes what it is:

14. Winter is just class!

Especially when you don’t need half an hour to dress to go outside:

15. Hello, Japan!

Today it is embodied in the cat:

Merry mood!