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12 the smallest breeds of dogs


The dog became the first animal which was tamed. And since then she became his best friend. Our smaller brothers have different qualities: there are born hunters, rescuers and guide dogs. But all share one thing – they charge the person with positive emotions. According to statistics, the greatest pleasure to bring a miniature breed. This is due to such dominant traits like sensitivity, loyalty and a positive attitude under any circumstances. That is why, small breed dogs have become to enjoy great popularity.

In today’s collection presents 12 of the smallest dog breeds that will become your faithful friends and companions for millions of owners.

1: Chihuahua

The smallest breed of dog in the world appeared in Mexico. Chihuahuas love being carried on the handles. Are incredibly popular in all corners of the globe. Good, not capricious and patient baby, with the habits of a real watchdog.

Dog doesn’t like when punishing her. Chihuahua — reliable protection of the handbag. Breed long and short coat, the color is different. The height varies from 15 to 23 cm, and weighs from 500 g to 5.5 kg.

2: Toy Fox Terrier

Positive and funny animals can lift your mood. By nature hunters, catch rodents. Restless and energetic and love constant attention. Undemanding in care.

Smart, participate in sports competitions. The Fox Terrier weighs 3.5 kg, and growth to 25 cm

3: the Brussels Griffon

Naughty baby with a bright character. Energetic and calm at the same time, balanced. Get along with other Pets. Love walks in the fresh air. Devoted and kind.

Show patience with young children. Height at withers: Brussels Griffon is up to 28 cm and a weight of 4.5 kg.

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A rare instance among the smallest breeds of dogs wins their owners joy and interesting appearance. Flattened face similar to a Griffin, but the difference is. The eyes of the Affenpinscher deep-set.

Need special grooming. Pet will become a loyal friend and protector. The increase from 20 to 28 cm and a weight of 4.5 kg.

5: Russian toy Terrier

Small dogs also known since the 19th century, at the time they were in demand among the fashionistas. Today, many ladies are choosing this breed for a pretty face and modest size. The Terrier is not explosive in nature, they are calm and loyal. The height at the withers of 25 cm and a weight of about 3 kg.

6: Pomeranian

Sonorous, restless dog will not be bored by his master. Energetic Pomeranian with a funny face printed coat will become a pet.

Fox ears and funny habits of dogs make it one of the most popular breeds of miniature dogs. Suitable for people who lead an active lifestyle, do not sit still. Height – 22 cm, and weighs up to 3% kg.

7: Yorkshire Terrier

Miniature pet stands out for its positive behaviour. Terrier is affectionate and loyal. It’s perfect for the content, as in a city apartment and a country house.

Quick-witted, quickly executes commands easily trained. York weight to 3.2 kg, and height not exceeding 23 cm.

8: Papillon

Decorative miniature dog got its name from the French word, papillon (French for butterfly). Funny, artistic and moving animals that will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

They love to run behind a ball, scare away rodents. With these animals in the house will not be bored. The increase to 28 cm, weight – 4.5 kg

9: Japanese chin

Friendly baby able to get along with all family members. Supportive of other Pets. Energetic, but is considered to be a reliable companion.

Thanks to the attractive face, a thick padded coat and high set tail Japanese chin charm. The average height of about 25 cm and a weight up to 4 kg.

10: Biver York

A very nice, quiet and active miniature “baby”. Loves outdoor games, counter-balanced, so it is easy to carry out hygienic procedures (shearing and handling wool). Beaver York when its buoyancy is unobtrusive. The growth at the withers to 27 cm, the standard weight — 3.5 kg.

11: Italian Bolognese

Small dogs have a tolerant nature. They can easily learn to do new things trainable. Get along with other Pets. Italian Bolognese restrained, intelligent. Can be a faithful companion to the owner.

Requires a special, simple grooming. The growth at the withers is 30 cm and the average weight is about 4 kg.

12: Pekingese

One of the smallest breeds of dog native to China. Self-confident and independent representatives of the dwarf dog breeds can create difficulties in training.

With them appear the difficulties in the process of education. Pekingese not underfoot, patient. Wary of children. Weight is 3.2-6.5 kg, height up to 23 cm.

Great benefits of small dogs

Every year the popularity of small breeds is becoming more and more. What is the reason?
Despite its small size, little dogs never stop in front of difficulties if the owner is in danger, they bravely rush into battle, despite the daunting size of his opponent! This little miracle limitless heart and the fearless fighting spirit of a lion.

In modern cities, small dogs are especially important as most people live in cramped, small apartments and living conditions often do not allow to have a big dog. In connection with what is the main advantage of small dogs is, of course, its size. It takes up little space, and then contain her in a small apartment quite comfortably. No wonder small breed is also called “room”.

Another significant advantage of small dogs is the ability to accustom them to the toilet, which can be arranged directly at the apartment. Thus, the owner of the dog will not have in the cold and rain several times a day to walk your pet. Agree how important it is after a hard day. But do not forget that even a small dog needs fresh air and exercise, do not miss the opportunity to stroll with your pet in good weather.

Unlike larger breeds of dogs – small, eat very little, and you will not have to devote a significant amount from the family budget on a daily diet of your pet. A small dog is not necessarily led to a platform for training, all the necessary commands, the host may be able to teach it yourself.

Whatever the dog is first and foremost your best and faithful friend, and the size here has absolutely no value!


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