Top best pictures of black cats: superstitions – the way!

Top best pictures of black cats: superstitions – the way!

“They say bad luck if a black cat…” — continuation of the famous songs you know, of course, everything. Let’s try to dispel superstition. How? Try to look at black cats in some other way.

We have collected the best pictures of black cats. We want to show you that in fact black color cats are an ill omen, a manifestation of grace, beauty and charm.

Black cats: photo.

Did you know that cats are black in color, according to some researchers, are able to absorb negative energy and bad mood, which is in man, and that means…

This means that a black cat can not ruin your life, but rather to make it much better!

If you haven’t ran to the nearest cat kennel so I could buy a cat of this miracle of color, then let’s at least look at the photos of these beauties to a positive charge.

Black cat helps to gather the harvest.
“The holiday comes to us… with a black cat in a cap of Santa Claus”.
Conqueror of peaks.
The”black mafia” back on the streets of your city.
An experienced predator looks for a victim from ambush.
Black spy.
“I am a Genie, I will grant any desire!”
Graceful Oriental color ebony.
In one black-black city, stood a black-black bucket, which sat…two cute little black kitten.
“Siamese monks”.
Yin and Yang.
Just darling.
Oh… wave at me!!!!
“How was it? I like the ladybug?”
In the glow green of summer.
“Let’s start the concert! Choir performs… black cats!”
Well it had been over the summer, this morden “grow”!
“No…I will not be friends with him, and suddenly the white color — is it contagious?!”
“Dark” personality in a dark alley.
“Who is not black? I’m not black? Yes, go look in the mirror, around your neck, white spot!”
The smartest cat.

Photo taken from the Internet.