Visa free countries that you can visit right now

Visa free countries that you can visit right now

We have compiled a list of the most interesting of visa-free countries to which you can go though tonight.

Belarus is difficult to perceive as abroad. Even from a formal point of view: to visit do not need a passport. If the largest cities are Minsk and Brest have already studied you inside and out, pay attention to less obvious attractions. In Vitebsk, visit the house-Museum of Marc Chagall in Belovezhskaya Pushcha arrange a Safari for bison and check out father Frost’s residence in Nesvizh and Mir castles — learn about how they lived Polish-Lithuanian princes. The last time the country is actively developing rural tourism: to find the Agriturismo and farm is best on the official portal of the Republic or on the website


In early June, Astana will host the three-month world exhibition Expo-2017, the theme of which is “Energy of future”. And while millions of visitors from around the world flocked to both Northern and southern Kazakh capital, you can see Kazakhstan is ready to receive a large number of guests, but also with not having 100% of hotels and restaurants. Better to start from Almaty, where on top of the ridge TRANS-ili Alatau and is a year-round mountain resort Chimbulak.

Spring is the perfect time to visit Charyn Grand canyon and lake Balkhash. Well then — forward into the future, to Astana, where literally in the middle of the steppes erect skyscrapers, lay out parks and implement daring projects of famous architects.


One of the secrets of the charm of Armenia — its compactness: almost all the attractions of the country can be explored from a base in the capital and making out radial attacks. The more that enter on internal passports valid only at airports Zvartnots (Yerevan) and Shirak (Gyumri). But much nicer — after a visit to Yerevan repository of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran and the complex of staircases and fountains Cascade to travel through Armenia, and stayed overnight in small towns and villages, and not in a hurry.

In addition to the monasteries of Tatev and Haghpat monastery Khor Virap, lake Sevan and Echmiadzin with a stunning Cathedral in a hurry to see the surreal sculptural complex “Sardarapat”, wine tasting in village Areni and relax on the mineral springs of Jermuk.


At the mention of Bolivia come to mind pictures the mirror surface of the Uyuni salt flats — no this lake is not complete, it seems that no one ranking the most impressive sights on the planet. Actually, for most travelers coming to Bolivia. From October 2016 do not need a visa. Familiarity with the country usually begins with the major cities of La Paz, where interest in ethnic areas inhabited by Aymara Indians.

The official capital is Sucre — stroll through the historic centre listed by UNESCO as the example of colonial Baroque in the Potosi — climb to Silver mountain (4800 m) and descend to one of the galleries, then go to the Uyuni salt flats and beyond, to the border with Peru, where is located one of the highest lakes in the world — Titicaca.


For many years Emirates show the world how to look like the new time: skyscrapers, artificial Islands, affiliates of the world’s museums and amusement parks that can even compete with Disneyland. If you are still in doubt, plan the trip, here is a new argument: since February 1 of this year’s visa in UAE put free of charge at the airport. Each Emirate is like a separate world. Dubai is beaches, huge shopping malls attached to them with entertainment, the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi water Park and the legendary seven-star hotel-sail Burj Al Arab Jumeirah; Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, the track “Formula 1” and the wildlife Park on the island of Sir Bani Yas; and RAS al-Khaimah — the same beaches, jeep tours of the desert and the first in the country Park via ferrata.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the latest additions to the list of countries open for Russians to travel here without a visa from March 30. The most famous place in the country — the Kruger national Park, the area is comparable with Israel, where all “big five”: lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards. In addition to Safari, in the compulsory program of the trip included Hiking table mountain, visiting the Cape of Good Hope and the town of Simon’s town where you can see funny penguins, wine tasting in the vineyards of Stellenbosch and walk along the beautiful neighborhood of Cape town — Bo-Kaap, was founded by settlers from Malaysia. Most intrepid can go into the tracking to the dragon mountains whose slopes are covered with tropical forests with evergreen trees.


Argentina is often referred to areas where you should go to “the journey of a lifetime”. The edge of the world, the country of glaciers and pampas, the home of the brave Gauchos and the passionate tango — it is clear that we need to go here for a long time. This, fortunately, is no problem: guests from Russia make it possible to travel without a visa for up to 90 days. And if three months in Argentina rather go desperate backpackers and adventurers, the rest of it is enough for two or three weeks: take a stroll through the historic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, to see the grapes in the valley of Mendoza, to eat a real Argentinian steak, drive along famous route 40, see pink flamingos on the lakes of Patagonia and climb on the Perito Moreno glacier — the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water.


Thailand is a favorite wintering place for downshifters. And it’s not just low prices, good weather, fresh fruit and a warm ocean, but in the relaxed rules of entry that allow you to be here without a visa up to 30 days. In the resorts of Phuket or Samui Russian speech sometimes can be heard more often than Thai, so if you want real privacy, you should choose less-explored tourist options for: Koh Lanta, Koh Samet or Koh Phangan. If your goal is to explore the cultural heritage of the country and immerse yourself in its daily life, go to North in Chiang Mai province. There are no beaches, but a lot of ancient temples and villages, where they live colorful tribes of Karen long necks. Recently in the Treasury of the sights of Chiang Mai added a new Museum of modern art MAIIAM.


The Republic from year to year is among the most popular summer destinations among Russian travelers. It is understandable: it is one of the few Maritime countries of Europe, which you can visit without a visa, and since may last year, the stay period was extended to 90 days. The size allow Montenegro to drive around it by car a couple of days. And if the country’s capital, Podgorica, will surprise not so much sights, how many nutritious and affordable restaurants, the nearby nature reserve Durmitor is the Kingdom of the stunning beauty of landscapes: rugged mountains, green forests, the deepest in Europe, the Tara river canyon. Make a stop in Kotor, to explore what is left of the old Venetian town, a visit to Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro, and then clear a Villa somewhere on the coast and just enjoy the solitude and natural beauty.


The airports of China — a convenient transfer point for those flying in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Shanghai even among the five largest air transport hubs in the world. For tourists from Russia, a flight through China — also a great opportunity to see the country without having to apply for a visa. Those who fly via Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have the opportunity to stay in the country as much as 144 hours — and it’s almost a week, during which you can make a real tour of China. A little less lucky passengers who fly via Guangzhou, Guilin, Dalian, Kunming, Beijing, XI’an, Xiamen, Harbin, Chengdu, Chongqing and Shenyang have them in stock in just 72 hours. The rest will have to settle for a day. With the exception of airports in Fuzhou and Yanji, in which visa-free transit is not allowed at all. And Hainan island, which you can do without a visa if you are traveling in a tourist group.


Not every first time say, where is Brunei, is hidden on the Northern tip of the island of Borneo, this country is rarely a destination for independent travel. Most often it is visited together with neighboring Malaysia, or in the framework of transit — especially in the latter case do not need a visa for up to 72 hours. The biggest interest is the capital — Bandar Seri Begawan, with a luxurious residence of the Sultan, which is considered the largest residential Palace in the world, and a quarter of Kampung Ayer, where three dozen traditional pile villages. If you have time, is to go to the national Park of Ulu Temburong in the Eastern part of the country: in its virgin tropical forests inhabited by funny monkey-the proboscis monkeys.


Singapore’s Changi airport is one of the largest in the world. This is a real city within a city with its own cinema, shops, restaurants, swimming pool and garden, located on the roof of one of the terminals. The days when Singapore was just a transit point on the way to Southeast Asia or Australia are long gone. The city definitely deserves to stay longer, especially as the rules allow transit passengers to stay here without a visa for up to 96 hours. It is enough to show tickets and Bank statement or the paid hotel reservations. And the passengers of the Singapore Airlines flight, can take a free tour of the city: the cultural-historical Heritage Tour or afternoon City Sights Tour. You just need to register at least an hour before the tour, and approached the front Desk Free Singapore Tours in Terminals 2 or 3.


Albania is so seldom found in our field of view that the existence of this Balkan state, few people remember. Meanwhile, its government for that year, allow the Russians to enter the country without a visa and stay for three months — but only in the summer and early autumn (the final decision is made in may). This is done based on the tourist-oriented beach vacation — resorts of Durres, Saranda and Vlora. But in Albania so many interesting sights that the sea is just not reached. For example, you should visit Berat, with its old churches and mosques, the Rozafa castle near Shkodra, the monastery of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Ardenica and lakes of the national Park Lyura.


“Random people do not go”, — say the Lao, and they are absolutely right. Too strong position (beach and not only) neighbors and the main competitors of this country in South-East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Access is given to Laos for two weeks — is enough to chill in Vientiane and Vang-Vieng, book the amazing Luang Prabang with its Buddhist temples and monasteries, stroll through a mystical Valley funeral urns and even go on a Mekong archipelago of si-Phan-don (“Four thousand Islands”), where you can see the rare river dolphins iravadiyskih.


Mongolia is a wild steppe nomads, Przewalski’s horses, yurts, kumis Genghis Khan, which is still the king, God and national Shrine. The vast majority of the territory at the mercy of nature — there are only 1000 kilometers of roads. And, in General, to see all that can safely be allowed visa-free take a month entirely. Near Ulaanbaatar, the national Park Terelj with curious rock formations. The sacred lake Hovsgol is called “the younger brother of Baikal”. But it is the landscapes of Gobi to the mountain oases, singing Sands and the cemetery of dinosaurs became a symbol of the country.

There are many countries that have simplified visas for Russian tourists, and a list of such countries is constantly increasing.