Why do women people are apatani tube in the nose

Why do women people are apatani tube in the nose

In the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, in the North-Eastern part of the country, in an extremely fertile valley at an altitude of about 1.5 kilometers above sea level lives amazing people of apatani.

They do not use the money as measure of value here so far are products, they pray to heavenly bodies, believe in shamans and carp grown in rice fields. Long ago, this nation took care of its valley and find fame as the best farmers in Arunachala.

The number of the tribe is small and amounts to about 26 000 people. They all believe in the pagan religion Donji Polo, in which the Sun embodies the female essence and the Moon is male.

Apatani women have always been considered the most beautiful in Arunachal, and got into the habit somehow men of neighboring tribes to steal their wives right from the fields. Then the elders of the people decided to fight against bride kidnapping. They forced the girls to put on the face tattoos, and to make on the nose the incisions and insert them plugs, called Yaping Hullo. According to legend, seeing a woman with such a disfigured face, the kidnappers did not hurt her.

This ancient tradition acted in apatani up to 1970-ies, gradually eroding. However, the photographer Sezari Vishinsky was able to visit the tribe and make stunning pictures of women who had long-standing custom. Along with these older women will disappear into history and a whole era of amazing people.